Tunawhacking everyday

And here’s the second and final part of the Crow Sumo event: The fights!

1.) Like in real sumo the kids start their fights from a crouched position with their hands on the ground.

2.) Once the judge lifts his fan to start the match, the opponents start their struggle.

3.) Victory is achieved by either bringing the other fighter to the ground or pushing him out of the ring. Or a combination of both, like in this picture.

4.) The judge’s fan shows which side won. Many of the battles lasted barely twenty seconds, and at times they were so chaotic that even the boys had to wait for the fan to show them who actually grasped victory.

5.) Of course each fight begins and ends with a respectful bow.

6.) The little fighters relaxing after the matches have ended, tired but happy. Many of them seemed to have a lot of fun taking part in this event, despite the summer heat.

7.) A final group picture of all the persons involved in the ceremonies and the fighters.

And this ends the Crow Sumo of Kamigamo-shrine. If you ever find yourself in Kyoto in early September, go check it out, it’s a unique experience. Afterwards visitors could line up for some free plum sake, which is a step we skipped because alcohol in the heat just sounds like a bad idea. Especially if you plan to visit the Fushimi Inari shrine and climb up the mountain the same day, which I will show tomorrow (again, since this time has better pictures than last time).